Thomas Goss

My journey, from Navy veteran to film pro, has always been about pushing boundaries. Sailing the globe exposed me to diverse cultures (think Yokusuka, Japan to San Diego, California!), igniting a passion for the visual arts. After the Navy, I moved to Los Angeles, Ca, and dove right into film, racking up experience on 600+ commercials and TV shows alongside industry heavyweights. But design called to me. So, I landed in Vegas and earned my graphic design degree (with a marketing minor!) at UNLV. There, I honed my skills in user experience, branding, and crafting captivating marketing strategies. I've delved into art on a personal level, evolving as an individual, artist, and designer. With my network and ongoing exploration, I aim to further my professional and creative development. Now, with 10+ years in film under my belt, I'm ready to ignite my creativity in a UI/UX design role. Plus, I'm excited to explore freelance opportunities in product photography and brand consulting.

Nurture & Thrive

Often overlooked, midwives offer personalized care for low-risk pregnancies, empowering parents with a natural birthing option. To bridge this knowledge gap and empower parents considering this option, my goal is to launch a public awareness campaign. Through visually accessible websites and infographics, my plan is to raise the visibility of midwifery as a viable birthing choice, while educating parents on its benefits (like lower intervention rates), and ultimately, empower them to make informed choices about their birthing experience.

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