Tammy Diewtragulchai

Confidence was something that I lacked when entering college. I came in undeclared, afraid that if I committed to something too soon, I’d be living a miserable few years trudging through classes. But when I took my first graphic design prereq, I fell in love. Graphic design gave me confidence in the skills I already had and helped build them up further. As I went deeper, I found more doors opening. Packaging design, branding, advertising, and so much more were waiting for me, the possibilities were endless! 

And that brings me to now, a designer who wants to convey ideas of humor and playfulness in my works. I love to collage different images together to create new ideas, as well as occasionally insert some of my illustrations. I still haven’t decided what I want to focus on, but each route has so many upsides that it’s impossible to choose just one! I hope to spend many more years discovering even more aspects of design and improving myself along the way.


We want to give children an accessible space to learn basic household skills while using design to reframe the idea of chores into something fun to do habitually.

Chores are an inescapable part of life; everyone has to do them at some point. However, as time becomes more of a commodity for working parents, less and less children are taught how to properly complete these daily tasks. Even worse, it’s faster to complete these chores for them rather than teach them. These children grow up without knowledge, and end up struggling to learn how to do them later in life.

Rather than letting more people grow up clueless, we wanted to find a way to deliver this information early. What better way than offering it through a school club? We opted for a club rather than a class because chores shouldn’t have a grade attached to them. We simply want people to have a good basis to build upon when they’re older. To make learning even more accessible, we made a mobile app so children can continue learning at home.

The Rouclean mobile app offers several tutorials on basic household chores. These tutorials are categorized by the area they are completed in and are meant to be introductions to get people comfortable with the action. Written and video instructions are provided. The app also has a daily chore section for use outside of the club and rewards a star for each day the user completes all their chores. Overall, we wanted Rouclean to make learning chores accessible and fun.

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