Sofia Herrera

Hi, I’m Sofia, a passionate designer who ventured into the vast realm of graphic design with determination and curiosity. I began my journey as an exploring major, uncertain of what path to pursue. While exploring various subjects, I stumbled upon color theory, which ignited my interest in graphic design. As I delved deeper into this topic, I discovered a fascination for dissecting design elements and principles, particularly intrigued by their psychological impact and ability to evoke emotion and convey messages. What initially felt like a daunting endeavor transformed into an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and growth. It became clear to me that this field offered the perfect fusion of my interests in both art and technology. Through this journey, I gained insights into the endless possibilities of graphic design, continually fueling my inspiration and driving me to experiment with different techniques. As I continue to immerse myself in this creative field, I am eager to discover every avenue it has to offer.

Open When Lost

My intention is to create visual aids and materials that assist individuals in recognizing their cognitive fusion by developing awareness of their thoughts.

Open When Lost seeks to address the common experience of feeling lost or overwhelmed by one's thoughts, a state known as cognitive fusion. By developing awareness and understanding of this fusion, the project aims to empower individuals to develop defusion—the skill of observing thoughts without being consumed by them. TV visuals are used throughout the project as a representation of cognitive fusion, illustrating how our thoughts can dominate our perception of reality. The centerpiece of the project is a guidebook designed to provide practical techniques and prompts to help users detach from their thoughts and emotions, transitioning from reactive responses to neutral observation. When feeling lost in their thoughts, individuals can refer to this guidebook to utilize tools aimed at defusing, remembering their true selves, and realigning with their purpose, ultimately bringing them back to the present moment.

In addition to the guidebook, the project includes a range of visual aids and materials that encourage deepened awareness and promote acceptance of their experiences. These materials are aimed to encourage individuals to live authentically, free themselves from the constraints of unwanted thoughts, and fully embrace their current reality.

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