Shanel Steliga

To say my journey to graphic design was a linear one, would be a massive understatement. Growing up, I never thought I had the skills to become an artist. Primarily an athlete in my youth, it wasn’t until photography class in high school that forced me to think more creatively. 

After completing my first art degree, I found myself in my first web / graphic design role. It was there that I learned what it was to breathe life into your creative ideas and see what a complete artistic thought can look like. After my time there I knew I found my passion. 

Packing up everything I owned, I moved to San Francisco—at 21 and a city I knew no one. There I learned the caliber at which my skills needed to grow and learned the hard way that life carves your path for you sometimes so that better opportunities are crafted in your favor. Which brings me to UNLV, my second chance. Here, I honed the skills I left dormant for so long, and met some amazing people too. I’m thrilled to see what projects lie in my future.


SARIWA aims to keep our elder generations with us longer, by helping create healthier dietary habits, maintaining traditional Filipino flavors, and offering delivery directly to your home.

Filipinos above the age of 40 years old make up at least ⅓ of Las Vegas’ population of approx. 600,000. 95% of those Filipinos are most likely to have been diagnosed with significant health issues directly related to their diet; such as, high blood pressure, thyroid, gout, and the like.

Which brings us to SARIWA. A food service that would partner with medical professionals to create curated meals for specific health issues that coincide with medical needs. Additionally, offering overall options of healthy and more modern versions of Filipino cuisine for everyone to enjoy, delivered directly to your home.

Our goal is to provide a healthy comfort food option for the generations that came before us so that they may continue to live strong while enjoying traditional Filipino flavors they grew up eating and love. All also easily accessible for everyone.

Our mission is to bring Filipino cuisine into modern health times, while maintaining traditional Filipino flavors, ingredients and methods. At SARIWA, we are committed to building healthier eating habits and creating mindsets that impact future generations—disrupting the current cycle and creating a healthier way of life.

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