Samari Pedraza

I first found a love for art and design through painting. It is something I do for fun and will continue to do! I knew I had a passion for creating things but, this passion took off when I started my marketing program in high school. I had lots of fun coming up with business ideas, campaign ads, product ideas, and more. I specifically was drawn to the more creative aspect. Once I got into college, I wanted to try many forms of design so I did architecture and interior design for a while but I was torn because I also wanted to do advertising or product design. So I ditched architecture and switched to graphic design. My goal now is to become a UX designer. I also want to work in product design and advertising and run my own small art business. I am happy that I got to experience many forms of design and art; And I will always be fascinated with architecture, interior design, graphic design, painting, and drawing.


My goal is to raise awareness about the difficulty of grieving over the loss of a pet by creating an organization/company that provides a community where pet lovers can get support and help them preserve the memory of their pets through specialized products, visuals, and helpful messages, letters, and information.

Furwell is a company and organization that helps and supports pet owners through pet loss. The idea for this project came after experiencing the loss of my childhood dogs. It was sad but it was a heart filled experience because I got to grow up with them and create many memories. While It was sad, I wanted to embrace all the moments I had with them so I painted some pet portraits and later on I created many pet portraits for friends and family.

Losing a pet can greatly affect pet owners and any individual surrounding the death of the pet. The grief of losing a pet is universal and traumatic but it is not something many talk about. Furwell aims to provide resources and information to help pet owners get through this difficult time. As well as build a community for pet owners and lovers to connect through an online website. Furwell also focuses on preserving and cherishing the memories of pets by providing a wide range of personalized products from various artists and sellers. Pet lovers can commission and order pet portraits, illustrations, and personalized items to remember their furry friends. Part of the proceeds will be used to raise money for animal shelters and other organizations. Family and friends can also send letters and postcards to anyone they know who may be grieving the loss of their pets. Furwell, embraces memories and supports hearts through pet loss.

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