Sabrina Hillard

Art has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but I instead followed a different path for a majority of my life up until college. I believed that, to be successful, I had to have this big career and contribute to the world with engineering. It was like engineering and art were alway at battle with one another and I finally made the leap to choose art as my forever career. It was hard outweighing and pushing away the paranoia about choosing an art profession, but I knew in the end it was what was going to make me the happiest. Graphic design became this off-shoot direction I wasn’t expecting to take, but I’m glad I explored the field as it is where I think I thrive. Being able to unleash my creativity, develop a platform of self-expression and have the opportunity to create impactful designs that resonate with others within a constantly evolving field is something I love.


My goal with this project is to go on a journey of self-reflection and growth surrounding my relationship with grief. This project is meant to be for those who have had similar experiences and to let them know they are not alone, and that their grief journey’s are valid no matter how long it may take to properly address their grief.

KISH is a personal project about rediscovering who I am after the death of my mother. For nearly the last decade, I have more or less avoided my grief, but once I entered college I finally took that deep dive into dissecting the years of pent up emotion. My capstone is an accumulation of years of self-reflection and inner thoughts surrounding my grief. Despite this being a personal project, grief is an experience we all will face. Due to this fact, I hope that my thoughts can be taken in and possibly aid someone on their own grief journey, whether it be past, present or future grief. 

Another facet of my project was risograph printing. I learned a lot in order to print out my zine, which included how to set up files all the way down to how to even use the printer. I wanted to challenge myself with something I’ve never done before, and out of my comfort zone, and it is now a style that I really enjoy and may pursue in the future.

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