Ryan Pineda

I never realized my passion for graphic design until those close to me recognized my sense of creativity. I've always been drawn to anything and everything artistic. Whether it's the stroke of a brush on a canvas, the perfect shot in a photography session, the rhythm and flow of music, or even the grace and strategy in sports. I see art and creativity in all of it. As I've journeyed through the world of graphic design, I've realized that my work is more than just creating something that looks “cool”. It's more about capturing that spark of inspiration from all forms of art and translating it into something more. Music, with its endless creativity, has been my main source of inspiration. It showed me that art isn't just about what you see, but it is also about how it makes you feel. Through my designs, I value the connection between my work and the audience it reaches.


My goal is to acknowledge and create awareness of gym anxiety by creating fitness apparel that will help new or current gym-goers feel more comfortable when working out in a public environment.

Stealth is inspired by a type of anxiety that is often overlooked by many. Despite its prevalence, many remain unaware of its existence and significance. Gym anxiety is a form of social anxiety related to fitness environments, particularly gyms. It often stems from a fear of the unknown, the fear of being observed, or even feeling self-conscious about your fitness level. This can prevent people from engaging in physical activity, which is crucial for an individual's physical and mental health. 

My intention is to shed light on the issue of gym anxiety and spread awareness about its prevalence. The project centers on the creation of innovative gym apparel, with a primary focus on breathable pump covers that have gym functionality. Stealth aims to create a supportive environment within the fitness community where individuals can feel comfortable to pursue their fitness goals. By providing comfortable apparel and pushing awareness for gym anxiety, I hope to alleviate the anxiety often associated with gym settings, empowering both new and seasoned gym-goers to focus on their personal fitness journey. Stealth seeks to create a community where individuals can focus on their personal progress without the pressure of external judgment, allowing them to Work in Silence.

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