Reanu Elises

Growing up, I developed a deep appreciation for creativity. I originally went to college for business marketing but never found any interest in the field. Feeling uncertain about my path, I decided to take a semester off to explore my options. During this time, I began creating logos for my clothing brand using Google Drawings as I had no prior design experience/knowledge. This experience sparked my interest in graphic design, a field I believed would not only benefit my brand but also bring me genuine enjoyment during my time at UNLV; and I was completely right.

What I initially pursued for personal gain has evolved into a source of great joy and amusement for me. As I explored design further, I became fascinated by its limitless possibilities and creative freedom. Each project became an opportunity for self-expression and exploration, allowing me to push the boundaries of my creativity further than I ever thought possible, transforming my passion into a fulfilling career path.


‘RENU’ is an app designed to promote sustainable and creative fashion choices advocating that old clothing holds value beyond donation or disposal.

With the constant pursuit of the latest trends and the allure of affordable prices, people tend to rapidly buy and throw clothing away without knowing the environmental harm. Our culture encourages frequent fashion changes and perceives clothing as easily replaceable, contributing to this cycle of waste. 

The purpose of ‘RENU’ is to promote the value of old clothing beyond donation or disposal, emphasizing its potential for extended and meaningful use. The app aims to cultivate a culture of mindful consumption by empowering individuals to repair damaged or unwanted items and embrace creativity to extend the lifespan of their wardrobes. This shift in mindset holds the potential for significant changes, benefiting both our closets and the planet. 

With ‘RENU’, users have access to AI-generated methods for upcycling and repairing clothing, ranging from simple alterations to advanced projects. These efforts not only reduce environmental impact but also allow individuals to express their unique style sustainably. 

Through these efforts, ‘RENU’ aspires to make a positive contribution to the environment while encouraging a more sustainable approach to fashion.

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