Ranelle Antipuesto

Creativity has always offered me a unique lens in how to perceive and navigate the world. There are three defining time periods in my life that lead me to the journey I am on today as a graphic designer.

My childhood consisted of many arts and craft projects. The many DIY projects powered by my imagination helped form the foundation that began my passion for the arts.

In high school, I was introduced to hand lettering. I continued to teach myself calligraphy and ventured into the skills of typography.

Finally, after changing my major a couple times during the beginning of my college years, there was this one specific night I had to make a final decision on what major I wanted to stick with. I took the time to reflect on what my interests were and what I wanted to pursue career wise that I would find fulfilling in life.

The realization I had about my love for art was inevitable; it was an epiphany that struck me with undeniable certainty. Despite the challenges that come with being a graphic designer, there are no words to describe the satisfaction I feel after finishing a project I can be proud of.


Regulate one’s sleeping habits to help prevent sleep paralysis and improve their quality of sleep.

Overtime, specific patterns may develop amongst one’s sleeping habits that can trigger sleep paralysis activities at different levels of intensity. Depending how often they may occur, Mezzo is to help keep tabs from your experiences so they can be referred back to in the event that it happens again. Features within that app such as journaling and tracking can help one’s quality of sleep as well. To create a better sleeping routine, you can count your dreamy sheeps more peacefully.

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