Nathan Guerrero

Growing up in the small town of Wai'anae, pursuing a career in design felt like an impossible dream. My tools and resources were limited; I would pirate Adobe programs on my high school's wifi on a second-hand laptop that could barely run Photoshop. However, I didn't let that stop me from pursuing the idea of becoming a designer. Over time, my obsession with design grew as I saw my work come to life in my community. Seeing my work on t-shirts, logos, and banners around town showed me that I could make a positive impact through my creations. I left the island and my family behind to further pursue my passion by attending UNLV.

The graphic design program taught me that design can change how we perceive the world. Since the world is always changing, design has allowed me to remain a lifelong learner and a constant beginner. For me, my metamorphosis is my hope - the hope to forever be someone who's discovering new things and creating designs that come to life, not just in my community but in countless other communities around the world.


Instead of the intimidating and boring experience that budgeting can be, my goal is to empower students and new professionals by designing a budgeting app that’s approachable, rewarding, and fun through intuitive design, gamification, and a friendly brand identity.

In the face of rising costs of living, younger generations are struggling to maintain financial stability while living sustainably. Budgeting is a proven method for managing expenses, but outdated budgeting systems are not tailored to modern life, making them unappealing to young adults.

To address this problem, I developed Bread an app designed specifically to make budgeting approachable, engaging, and enjoyable for young adults. Unlike traditional budgeting apps, Bread takes a unique approach, presenting a streamlined interface that allows users to review each spending category individually, providing faster access to relevant information. Users also receive daily or weekly summaries of their overall spending to track their progress. With gamification features, users can earn achievements by staying on budget or challenging their friends to spend less.

By focusing on creating a positive and engaging user experience rather than a restrictive one, Bread aims to make budgeting more helpful and accessible for young adults. The app's ultimate goal is to empower users to take control of their finances, fostering a more sustainable lifestyle and financial well-being in the face of modern economic challenges. Bread offers young adults a fun and constructive way to manage their finances and take steps towards a more secure financial future.

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