Myriam Mahmoud

As a kid, I found a great love for animation and drawing. These passions dwelled within me as time went on, but I soon grew to prioritize school and studying. Art always found its way to creep into my life through school assignments as I found ways to incorporate drawn visuals to express the given topic. I kept this passion mostly untouched until high school when I began my animation courses. The intense emotions within animated films that crossed over into the bounds of reality encouraged me to pursue a career in three-dimensional animation.

Unfortunately, few Nevada colleges offered animation programs. Since I was unwilling to move to another state, this began my push into a new career. I knew the closest path of study was graphic design. New creative sparks flew as I began to build up my knowledge library from online books and videos as I ventured from community college to UNLV. I’ve come to realize that the ability of animation to visually communicate thoughts, emotions, and complicated subject matters is exactly what makes up design. I’m happy knowing that graphic design has become a dream that exceeds anything that my younger self hoped and yearned for.

Contact Dermatitis Association

The goal of the Contact Dermatitis Association is to develop a trustworthy informational resource to inform individuals about the effects of synthetic materials on the skin, empowering them to recognize contact dermatitis, take charge of it, and ultimately overcome it.

The Contact Dermatitis Association is an organization developed to support adult women on their journey to recovery and liberation from contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a skin irritation that leads to an estimated 5.7 million physician visits annually. Today, skin dermatitis issues related to clothing are becoming more common as the use of synthetic fabrics, unhealthy dyes, and toxic chemicals continuously increases.

Because clothes are the most immediate products that contact the skin, we encourage sustainable and healthy fashion choices to prevent skin reactions. Additionally, we inform our audience on the roadmap to identifying contact dermatitis, getting a diagnosis, and treatment steps that they can take to take control of their skin reactions. Whether someone has irritant contact dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis, they can be confident in their ability to take control of their skin via our helpful facts and resources. 

The modern and soothing style of the Contact Dermatitis Association website aims to compliment the up-to-date information and relief that users will experience as they explore the informational site and progress through their road to recovery. Our website’s most extensive feature is the main database full of non-irritating products where users can filter through healthy products according to their allergies, favorite healthy brands, product types, and overall health rating. An additional “unhealthy products” database is also available for users to search for current products they use and find out if their products are likely causing any skin reactions.

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