Michael McDougall

My name is Michael McDougall, and I have been designing since 2017. Prior to this, my first steps into working was like most people’s: fast food. Once I left fast food, I vowed to never return because it is a thankless industry. That is when my metamorphosis as a graphic designer commenced. In the jobs I held afterwards, I found ways to incorporate my design skills. Despite these jobs not being graphic design by nature, I let my design abilities be known while simultaneously fulfilling regular job obligations. Initially, I chose graphic design as my major on a whim and it has luckily worked out. I look forward to making it my profession. During my time of study, I have seen and learned how diverse and flexible the graphic design discipline is with just about anything and everything visual. I have had opportunities to design logos, edit and animate videos, and create physical designs to name but a few experiences. I look forward to sharing these works with you. Please enjoy.

‘Namaste. That’s What I say’ Anti-Road Rage Campaign

If a campaign is created with a memorable mascot as its lead to address road rage in Las Vegas, then drivers will be aware of the impact their attitude has on fellow motorists.

Oxford Languages defines road rage as: “violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.” It is something that affects drivers the world over. The scope of the project has been narrowed to focus on the issue locally in Las Vegas. The audience is predominantly adults who own a personal vehicle and use it to commute daily. 

There are many road safety campaigns that address various issues related to driving such as: speeding, drinking and driving, lack of seatbelt usage, etc. In my research, I discovered that road rage is a major contributor to wrecks as it can easily escalate into reckless driving. Surprisingly, I did not find many driver safety campaigns that address this specific topic. Additionally, I learned that Americans are more stressed than ever, and the frequently changing road conditions of city driving does not ease this stress. Any Las Vegas driver can attest to this. 

Las Vegas motorists need a hero, and that hero is Wayne “Namaste” the Alien. When Wayne’s ship crashed into the Mojave a few years ago, he was left with no way to return home. Las Vegas has now become his second home. Armed with a bent traffic cone atop his head and a fluorescent-orange safety vest, Wayne aims to teach Las Vegas drivers the relaxation culture of his home world and combat the ugly horrors of road rage.

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