Melody Herrera

Growing up, my answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up was always: "I want to be an artist." Drawing became my chosen pastime from a young age, filling my free hours with character sketches and doodles.

In high school, I took up graphic design as my elective since it was the closest thing to an art class. It was the first time I gave my art structure and the first time I explored its potential beyond sketches. I could turn my drawings into advertisements or my characters into posters.

When I had to decide what path to take for the rest of my life, I resolved to pursue a field that I adored so passionately that even in the face of challenges, it would be my love for it that kept me going. This is precisely what graphic design became for me. Within the field, there are countless paths to explore, each piece allowing me to determine how far I want to push my creativity. I finally found a style that fits me and I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of a future where every creation reflects a part of myself.

Play Out the Box

The neglect of hobbies as vital sources of rest, caused by capitalistic pressures, prompts Play Out the Box magazine to reclaim their value, advocate for work-life balance, and empower individuals through affordable hobby guides and self-care affirmations.

In a fast-paced world with relentless work demands and everyday life pressures, finding moments of respite and joy seems like a distant dream.

Yet, within the chaos of our busy lives lie the simple pleasures of hobbies - a key form of rest that encompasses joy and self-discovery. Play Out the Box is a magazine that celebrates hobbies and serves as a manifesto for reclaiming what free time means. It aims to challenge the capitalist norms that hinder leisure.

Hobbies are often overlooked. Having one can be difficult to sustain due to uneven work-life balance and hustle culture. They’ve become heavily commercialized and tools for hobbies become increasingly expensive.

Providing guides towards affordable hobbies and affirmations to rest your body can help encourage readers to remember they aren’t alone. Advocating for a cultural shift towards self-care in the workplace is a task that can be achieved by taking the first steps of getting the word out there. Sharing these ideals and resources packaged through this magazine can shift mindsets and support people in their pursuit of happiness.

Whether it’s knitting a cozy scarf or losing ourselves in the pages of a beloved book, hobbies are more than just a pastime - they’re a source of comfort in a world that can often feel overwhelming. Play Out the Box magazine starts this journey as we reclaim what free time means, one hobby at a time!

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