Melanie Cruz

Growing up I always had an affinity for the arts whether it be drawing, painting, or crafting with my sisters. It was something that felt natural to me and my school notes were often full of doodles and sketches. Homeschooled, I had a classical education and often found inspiration in nature. I hoped one day, my dream of becoming an artist would become a reality. 

Initially, I thought art would remain a hobby for me. I considered being an animal behaviorist due to having a personality in empathy and observation. When I was given the opportunity to create artwork for a play, I believe having these qualities said I was actually meant for the creative field. I decided UNLV was where I could surround myself with a creative community and discover how my abilities further come into play. 

During my time at UNLV, I have met so many incredible people. My metamorphosis as a designer has taught me to understand the needs of others and to synthesize a problem into a visual solution. Most of all I discovered art and design is at the center of human emotion and connection. Moving forward I have yet to bring the things I have learned through design into my artwork and delve into the world of visual development.

The Little Things

Encouraging dog owners to make health and lifestyle decisions by feeding a fresh food diet for their dogs. It is the little things that go a long way.

Highlighting a lifestyle of homemade fresh food for your dog, so as to cherish the little things in life, our pets, look back and realize they are truly the big things that bring us joy. For decades companion pets were expected to eat commercial dry food but recent studies brought a new perspective from the book “The Forever Dog” which advocates for diets with fresher ingredients that are less processed. As people have become more health conscious in modern times, it makes sense to desire to understand our dog’s overall health and wellbeing and allow them to live their best life.

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