Marian Garcia Avila

Art has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I spent my weekends in museums, especially my favorite, The National Museum of Art, located in Mexico City, where I grew up surrounded by my beautiful and colorful culture. I used to read a lot, and I would look for fan-art of my favorite books by online artists. Alongside watching many cartoons, I developed a love for illustration and design. So much so that I began designing and selling personalized stickers and schedules for my classmates in middle school.

I knew what my passion was ever since I was thirteen years old, but I was scared. It seemed as if my future was written by someone else, it was written by fear, and I didn't have control over it.  But I have a firm belief, “Everything happens for a reason”. Later, I realized that everything that seemed like a setback on my journey ended up being an opportunity for me to learn and embrace change. Through this journey, I am the same thirteen-year-old excited for her future, but I am no longer scared.

Nyubi (뉴비)

Nyubi is a website that provides knowledge, products, and a community forum, to K-pop fans, all aimed at helping them begin their collections effortlessly.

⁤Nyubi is an comprehensive website designed and dedicated for K-pop fans who are new to the world of collecting albums, photocards, and other inclusions. ⁤⁤Nyubi serves as a tool for beginners that offers tips and tricks for purchasing authentic merchandise and helping you preserve your collection. ⁤⁤Nyubi also fosters a community through its interactive forum, where K-pop fans can connect, seek advice, and share their experiences with other members of the community. ⁤⁤Finally, to complement its educational resources, Nyubi also offers convenient access to various products and merchandise that will help you display, enhance, and take care of your collection. ⁤⁤With its dedication to inclusivity, education, and enjoyment, Nyubi empowers new collectors to confidently navigate the world of K-pop. ⁤

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