Marco Salinas

When I first started at UNLV, I felt that Computer Science was the course I wanted and needed to take. I was constantly struggling and fumbling through the courses related to Computer Science while under the guise that I’ll eventually understand it. When I finally realized that I was not going to succeed, I started to panic and honestly felt trapped. However, my family (Specifically my amazing mother) finally made me realize that I could still change to a major that I could understand and would allow me to finally achieve a degree. This led me into the Graphic Design Program at UNLV.

When I switched over to Graphic Design, I was blown away by a whole new world which I had no idea about. Each day I started to learn new items that would allow me to grow and become a designer. As I continued on this path, I also gained amazing opportunities such as working for UNLV at the Office of Online Education. I hope to continue this legacy of growth and morph into the designer I’m meant to be.

Cyberview Hotel + Casino

I would like to provide a casino that integrates both a video game and gambling experience that captures the attention of our new generation.

Cyberview Hotel + Casino focused on providing a more mainstream casino to Las Vegas that integrates both a video game and gambling experience that captures the attention of our new generation. Cyberview’s focus is to integrate the experience of a modern casino and combine this aspect with newer elements that are closer to experiences that relate to video games. 

Cyberview immerses patrons in a cutting-edge atmosphere by creating a futuristic aesthetic similarly found in high-performance PC setups with vibrant RGB lighting and organized wiring. The main appeal for this casino is its innovative gaming experience, which blends traditional casino games with interactive video gaming elements. Cyberview stands out from other casinos by hosting esports tournaments and live gaming events, tapping into the growing popularity of competitive gaming and fostering a vibrant community hub. Complementing its high-tech ambiance, Cyberview offers futuristic dining experiences inspired by gaming culture, which further enhances the overall immersive experience. Cyberview will evolve the traditional casino standard by embracing the future of entertainment while honoring today's gaming culture. With its cutting-edge atmosphere, innovative gaming offerings, and commitment to technological advancement, Cyberview will captivate a new generation of gamers and thrill-seekers in Las Vegas.

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