Lauren Lazzara

Growing up, my love for drawing and painting was a constant part of my life, fostering dreams of becoming an artist. Yet, during my early college years, I found myself grappling with indecision about my major. Despite the doubts of those around me who deemed pursuing art as unrealistic, I persisted in creating.

Eventually, I found my place within the vibrant art community of Las Vegas, taking on significant mural projects and volunteering to paint elementary school walls. Through these experiences, I discovered my passion for design outweighed my love for painting. This realization led me to explore graphic design, which quickly captured my heart.

As I near graduation, I reflect with pride on my journey. Despite the skepticism, I've carved out a fulfilling career in advertising, embracing graphic design wholeheartedly. By following my passion and defying expectations, I've not only proven the doubters wrong but also fulfilled the dreams of my younger self, bringing me immense happiness and satisfaction.

Atomic Analog

Creative block can be remedied by engaging in creative activities out of an individual’s typical practice.

Atomic Analog is not merely a workbook; it's a testament to the power of atomic thinking in creativity. Carefully crafted to empower artists and designers in overcoming creative blocks and unlocking their untapped potential, this resource overflows with carefully curated analog material prompts. It serves as an origin of inspiration, motivation, and discovery for individuals striving to elevate their creative processes to new heights.

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