Lali (Xhitlali) Cebrero

As someone constantly trying to keep up with different artistic hobbies as a kid, I was always wanting to delve into the diversity of art. Growing up I was always juggling where to put my creative efforts, whether I wasted a pack of Sharpies drawing over notebook covers or crying at the blisters on my fingertips cause I swore learning one more chord won't hurt. Despite my lack of creative direction, the rhythm within music, dance, art, was enthralling. These areas of art run on passion. In the realm of design, we have the ability to create different atmospheres of our own. It was a struggle to choose where to go but two times of switching majors, it landed me here. Even in rough moments, I still recall a Chinese proverb that says, "Failure is the mother of success." Within every experience that passes me, I hold onto that saying. I've learned to look at the odds and use that as a means to still have the restless motivation I started with. Throughout all the changes, the different person I've been, and will become, I'm devoted to creating captivating art and design that interweave with innovation and who I am.


Create an app for those who are into eclectic and unique fashion and to find ethical fashion choices in a more efficient way.

Venus is a mobile app/visual platform that acts as an archive of fashionable brands that are all ethical and sustainable. With the rising issue that is fast fashion and its environmental impact, fast fashion brands and their oversaturated trends are sought out by many into fashion. My drive for this project comes from wanting to be able to have a space in which young people who have a love for fashion but don't know where to find ethical fashion choices can browse and scroll through images of fashion pieces that come from brands that are sustainable and ethical. I believe that having a place where you know you'll uncover brands that suit your eclectic or unique taste is missing. Venus will help people in a way where they will no longer have to feel the need to search high and low, use ethical brand check apps and read every brands fine print to trust the brands. Venus will be the fashion app to explore new and unique ethical brands on the market !

“Sustainable fashion is attainable, but an app that will inspire you to do so. Fashionable brands that are sustainable are out there, and I want to help you find them.”

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