Keyan Hatefi

During my time here at UNLV, I have met a lot of ambitious people, filled with hopes, ideas and plans. And that leads to motivation and improvement not on not only for myself, but to others as well, especially when it comes to the Graphic Designing field.

It was not just only education in classes, but I also learned a lot of things outside that were in UNLV and that led to a lot of opportunities, not only in my field, but in my general life as well. And that is something to be thankful for.

ODRM-Play – Offline Play for Steam Deck

I designed an app specifically for the Steam Deck that gives manuals on how to properly install games that are outside of DRM storefronts and Windows software.

As a Steam Deck owner, playing my PC games on the go is something I dreamed about, but of course, reality comes with a cost. I cannot play my single-player games due to the DRM layer(s) that comes with the game, which requires a constant internet connection. And since Valve is trying to verify the games that function on their Steam Deck system, they do not account for offline accessibility.

SteamOS is Valve’s Linux-based operating system, designed for gaming purposes. While it is easy to navigate, functionality is not the same as Windows, and Windows-based software requires constant tweaks and updates in order to fully function. While Steam games are easier to run on Linux, other software requires more work and knowledge to install, manage, and run.

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