Keren Sagastume

I have always been interested in ways I can create work that reflects my creativity. I have been enthralled by the act of envisioning ideas and creating something visually. In high school, I took an art and a graphic design class, where I began an interest in transitioning from traditional to digital art.

As I continued an interest in graphic design at UNLV, I soon discovered a passion for various areas of design, such as UI/UX design, brand identity, and two and three-dimensional art. As I immersed myself in new software programs and different aspects of design, I found that a new interest had developed as they had before. Looking back on the journey that led me to where I am now, I am excited for what's ahead. I will continue to seek new opportunities to discover and sharpen my skills as a designer. I hope to continue finding innovative ways to communicate with the world.

Prep Air

The Prep Air app streamlines shopping and recipe exploration eliminates the hassles of searches and trips to the store, granting users valuable time to dedicate to learning new recipes regardless of their experience level.

In today's fast-paced world, where time is precious, Prep Air's innovative drone delivery service caters to dynamic lifestyles and diverse dietary needs, particularly addressing the time constraints of Millennials and Gen Z. With hectic schedules filled with work, social commitments, and personal pursuits, young consumers often struggle to find time for grocery shopping and meal preparation. Whether they follow specific dietary preferences, such as vegetarian or high-protein diets, or seek high-quality ingredients for their culinary creations, drone delivery ensures swift and reliable access. Young consumers can effortlessly explore their culinary creativity, experimenting with new recipes and cuisines without the hassle of traditional grocery shopping or the limitations of subscription meal kits.

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