Katie Tang

Growing up, I've always had a strong passion for creativity. I immersed myself in a multitude of creative pursuits, including drawing, journaling, and crafting.  However, after high school, I felt constrained by limited career options, unaware that graphic design even existed. Like many artists, I struggled with the fear that my passion might turn into resentment once it became a job. Discovering YouTubers who balanced full-time graphic design careers with personal creative projects inspired me. Witnessing how they seamlessly integrated their interests into their design work ignited a desire within me to pursue graphic design, unveiling a whole new realm of digital artistry.

At UNLV, learning how to use all these design programs was time consuming. However, being surrounded by like-minded peers, I found inspiration and motivation to refine my skills and evolve as a designer. As I reflect on my journey as a graphic designer, I'm grateful for the experiences that have molded me. Each project has been a stepping stone toward personal and professional growth, fueled by my unwavering passion for creativity and design. Moving forward, I am eager to continue honing my skills, pushing boundaries, and making a meaningful impact through my work.

Classroom Buddies

The goal of Classroom Buddies is to make Autism awareness/education more positive, approachable, and easier to understand, therefore, lessen the negative perception of the community.

Classroom Buddies is a blind box figurine brand where each figurine in this series celebrates and recognizes the wide range of strengths and abilities of autistic individuals. The figurines come with a character card that provides more information about the ability the character is displaying.

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