Kateyah Reed

My journey has not been linear and started long before I knew it began. I always wanted to live a creative life but was not supported. Therefore I lost sight of my path early on in my life. One day I was so miserable that I realized that a life without creativity and passion is not worth living. I took a risk and pursued what made me happy despite the criticism and lack of support. Graphic design gives me the opportunity to not only create, but communicate with the world. It gives me the freedom to express myself with various mediums. It helped me find myself. Throughout this journey of self discovery it has led me to my creative purpose. My work focuses on process rather than results. Rather than the outcome, enjoying the process is important to me. Creativity is my form of experimentation through expression.


Transitioning from outcome-based to process-oriented thinking, this project aims to empower creatives by utilizing digital tools for ideation, iteration, and experimentation, thereby enhancing the quality of creative outcomes.

Kreadiv acts as support in the creative process by shifting the focus from the outcome to the journey of creation itself. It operates through a process-driven approach that embraces exploration, reflection, and discovery. By integrating digital mediums, Kreadiv empowers creators to engage in abstract and conceptual thinking, resulting in the development of expressive and innovative works. The process outlined by the platform begins with ideation, moves into experimentation, and ends with iteration.

Kreadiv merges programming techniques with artistic expression to cultivate diverse possibilities for experimentation and discovery, enabling users to reference them later to enhance their creative process or incorporate them into their work. Kreadiv provides users of all levels with the freedom to explore ideas and discover new possibilities with assistance through various tools on the platform. It encourages users to embrace uncertainty and experimentation, recognizing that true artistic breakthroughs often arise from moments of exploration and spontaneity.

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