Karina Hernandez

My journey began in middle school when I made a poster for my science class. I turned a boring project about the water cycle into art, adding painted cloud-like cotton balls and droplets of blue paint. My creative imagination continued into 8th grade where I made a trifold research poster board of a cereal brand. Having the idea of using cereal box cut-outs as visual elements and using a bowl with glued-on Cheerios, I made my poster board visually appealing by taking a creative approach to presenting my research project. My creative senses metamorphosed into design in high school. I designed t-shirts for student clubs, designed book posters and handcrafted my own old-timey newspaper, which was my first step into publication design. After graduating, I realized my life-long dream of becoming a zoologist wasn’t going to happen. I had no clue what I was going to pursue until I applied at UNLV. I scrolled down the list of majors and landed on graphic design. In that second, my art and design experience that I garnered throughout the years came down to this life defining moment of realizing my purpose as a graphic designer.

Viva The Classic Experience

For my project, I want to develop a strong brand identity that aims to encourage preservation, revitalization and investment of historic and significant properties within Las Vegas by offering history buffs and cultural explorers an educational immersive experience that explores the cultural heritage of Las Vegas by promoting its value through a mobile application.

Viva The Classic Experience is a heritage tourism brand and mobile application that aims to initiate conversation about historic preservation in Las Vegas and increase communication between the city of Las Vegas and locals. By taking both tourists and locals around different significant and historic locations, Viva The Classic Experience provides tourists and locals the opportunity to learn about the cultural and architectural history of Las Vegas and engage with the local community. This self-driven tour gives cultural explorers and history buffs the access to discover places rich with history, listen to never-before-heard stories from locals and visually experience these sites in their former glory through AR camera technology.

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