Jordan Matthews

As a graphic designer and illustrator, the multitudes of different media I consumed growing up inspired me. Whether that be the various digital forms of media or other types of media I’d naturally intake and observe within my everyday life. I implement these ideas with an added, personal twist, into my own art. I am an artist who always enjoys bringing my imagination to life within the digital world by taking the traditional, hand-drawn approach before scanning and creating vibrant, colorful designs or illustrations that evokes a sense of reminiscence. My illustrative artworks are animated pieces that I consider an extension of myself and others who have impacted me, often implicating their various personalities and unique stories into my own personal designs. Through my designs, I aim to give the viewer a warm and personal experience. I believe that through design, we are able to bring that distant childhood-like feeling forward again, brightening our lives just a little more.


My goal is to compose a campaign that encourages the reuse of different elements within a K-pop album.

With the recent widespread popularity of K-pop around the world comes a much larger demographic of people bulk purchasing multiple copies of the same albums solely for its benefits. This leaves fans with very little options of ways to properly dispose of these large amounts of extra albums. We strive to motivate people to be creative with their access albums in ways that are especially personal to them by promoting an interactive space geared towards the donation and creation of these extra albums, such as collages, that instead prevents fans from otherwise dumping these albums in the garbage, creating extra waste.

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