Jia Li

Ever since high school, I found myself drawn to the world of design. It all began with a web design course that sparked a fascination within me. I remember the thrill of immersing myself in projects, losing track of time as I tinkered with layouts and colors. As I progressed through my education, my passion for design only grew stronger.

In college, I discovered a whole new world of design principles. Typography went beyond words on a page, becoming an art form in itself. Animation brought my creations to life, and learning about composition and color theory added layers of meaning to my designs.

With every new lesson, I grew as a designer. I began to see deeper, grasping the psychology of branding and the power of visual communication. Each project let me sharpen my skills and unleash my creativity.

Looking back, I see how my journey as a graphic designer has truly transformed me. From that first spark of curiosity to fully realizing my passion, every step along the way has shaped who I am today as a designer. I'm excited to see where this journey leads me next.


EV technology is improving, but most people know little about it or are skeptical about it. Because of this, they have the wrong ideas and doubts about whether they're perfect for the environment and if they work well compared to regular engines.

The project aims to encourage people to consider electric vehicles (EVs) through graphic design and research. It presents the benefits and key considerations of EV ownership clearly and engagingly. The goal is to not just inform but also inspire individuals to choose these eco-friendly cars.

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