Jayme Truong

Like a lot of narrow artistic fields, I didn’t know that being a graphic designer was a career path until I was enrolled in a graphic design class in high school. Before, I never thought about how design was omnipresent; things that were made from design just “appeared,” instead of someone possessing the skill and taking the time to create them. But after I took that class in high school, I realized that it aligned well with my interests, and I began to notice graphic design everywhere. I decided then that it was something I could see myself doing far into the future. 

Developing skills in graphic design was both non-linear and never ending. I view it as a form of lifelong learning, and like any form of art, something that changes with time and influence. As an illustrator and a designer, I also find the boundary between them freeing. Art is my passion and my hobby, but it bleeds into my career—design is my career, but it also contains creativity and passion. I look forward to continuing to grow as a designer, and finding my place in the design world.


As third spaces decline in contemporary society, creating an online space partnered with local coffee shops—with the online space’s branding focused on engaging artists—will create environments for artists to gather again.

BL3ND is a mobile, online community app with a target audience of artists and local coffee shops. Coffee shops have historically been gathering spots for artists; their free and light atmosphere was instrumental in the creative process, fostering art movements and trends. Designed to address the decline of third spaces for artists, BL3ND partners with local coffee shops looking to collaborate with artists by hosting events and encouraging physical gatherings. By using BL3ND, coffee shops can bring in more customers and create an additional attraction for their cafe—additionally, artists can engage with other artists, formulate spaces for community and ideation, and work alongside their local coffee shops. Coffee shop profiles can host events, advertise products, and create a following of frequent, loyal customers. Artist profiles can be utilized as portfolios and galleries of their work. BL3ND seeks to support and boost artists, whose skill and creations are vital to a thriving society, and third spaces like coffee shops, which provide places for people to engage with each other on a deeper level.

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