Freya Lara

My journey as a graphic designer has been long but, I have acquired so many new talents and ways of solving problems. I knew I wanted to be in a creative field but, I never thought that Graphic Design would be the answer. When I changed my degree to Graphic Design, the way I viewed problem solving changed completely for me. Design has become a fun way to communicate with other people visually through the use of colors, shapes and styles. I enjoy looking at design, architecture and fine art creators. Art and Design have always played a pivotal role when it comes to technology, media and architecture. They are found in just about everything from the things we read to the things we watch on our phone screens. The evolution of the design world is always changing in many innovative ways and seeing the work of other creative individuals inspires me to continue my craft and strive to gain better understanding. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me with having so many opportunities to grow and learn. As well as being able to see what other amazing designers will be able to bring to the forefront.


Use graphic design to create an accessible online community interface to help navigate Art Block through the use of Cues and Prompts that are easily available and time friendly.

MOTIVI is intended to help break out of an art block through stimulating fun and creative prompts. MOTIVI creates a digital environment for artists and designers to make quick ideas concrete through an app user interface where you can share with friends and be part of a playful community.

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