Elizabeth "Liz" Anguiano

From a young age, creativity has always been a big part of who I am. My journey as a graphic designer started in high school while experimenting with Photoshop for a class project. It started with making simple photography edits for my friends and family or social media posts for school events. But with each project, my passion grew, and I spent countless hours practicing my skills. I would have never thought that a hobby could turn into something I am now so passionate about. When I started at UNLV I debated doing Criminal Justice or Computer Science, but neither of them left me satisfied. In 2020, the pandemic pushed me to get back into graphic design and I realized this is what I love to do and I chose to pursue it. It felt like the perfect way to blend my passion for art with technology.

At UNLV, I immersed myself in diverse design projects, collaborated with talented peers, and learned from experienced professors. With each assignment and critique, I evolved as a designer, readying myself for the competitive field ahead. Today, I'm proud to say that my journey from high school experimentation to UNLV education has laid a solid foundation for a fulfilling and happy career in graphic design.


In an era marked by hectic schedules and limited culinary skills among college students and young adults, the development of a comprehensive mobile app emerges as a promising solution to foster healthier eating habits and financial management.

People often choose to eat fast food instead of cooking at home due to convenience, time constraints, and the perceived ease of obtaining a meal. However, reliance on fast food can lead to health consequences such as poor nutrition, excess calorie intake, and increased risk of chronic diseases in the long term.

Munch is the ultimate app tailored for busy students and novice cooks craving delicious meals without the fuss. Whether you're juggling assignments or just starting your culinary journey, Munch has you covered with concise, easy-to-follow recipes designed for on-the-go lifestyles.

Navigating through Munch is effortless, thanks to its intuitive interface that prioritizes speed and simplicity. Dive into a treasure trove of short-form content, featuring recipes ranging from quick snacks to hearty meals, all crafted with busy schedules in mind. Each recipe is carefully curated to ensure straightforward instructions and minimal ingredients, perfect for those new to the kitchen.

With the help of "Roma" – your AI-generated sous chef. Solve your cooking questions or explore different techniques. Unsure about ingredient substitutions? Simply ask Roma, and receive instant, personalized guidance to elevate your culinary skills.

With Munch by your side, mastering the art of cooking has never been easier. Say goodbye to takeout and hello to homemade meals tailored to your taste and schedule.

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