Desiree Smith

Hello! My name is Desiree. As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved creating things. As a child, I filled any free time I had with drawing whatever I’d see on TV. I also spent time on Windows XP Microsoft Paint illustrating random things digitally before I even knew there was a term for it. I was encouraged to go into graphic design after I finished high school, but I wasn’t interested. As I got older, I learned that my life choices changed quickly and shaped my life in more ways than one. I initially went to college for dental hygiene but realized this was a career I wouldn’t enjoy. So, when I entered graphic design programs, I instantly noticed how much I loved it. It was a night and day difference. There were so many different ways to create art that I did not know about! Everyday I strive to let my love for graphic design, and art overall, show through everything I create.

Menu Mindful

My goal is to provide a one-stop tool catered to restaurant owners in order to reduce industry food waste with quick, simple, and user-friendly convenience.

Menu Mindful is a tablet app designed to assist and educate professionals in the food industry. It allows streamline maintenance for an establishment’s food inventory, including end-of-day leftovers and perishable items. The app features visual data overviews to quickly help users gauge what menu items are necessary and ultimately prevents overspending on inventory orders resulting in waste. The app also has camera technology that can scan barcodes and photos to detect food items along with their quantities for instant tracking. A unique tool that makes Menu Mindful stand out is a section within that provides users with guidelines on how to handle and properly dispose of food not sustainable for restaurant quality. There are also contacts and resources regarding the donation of safe leftovers that are otherwise destined to be thrown out. Menu Mindful reduces waste one plate at a time.

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