Daysi Zhagui-Quito

Since childhood, I've been drawn to art and design, particularly enjoying the use of color. I would practice drawing by copying book illustrations down to every little detail and as I got older I saw how art is not limited to drawing. I found art in how much spice you put in a dish or how a wool pillow adds personality to a living room. This passion led me to pursue a creative career and begin my education in the Interior Design Program. However, during my Intro to Digital Media course, I discovered my love for Adobe Illustrator and digital art, sparking my interest in graphic design. I quickly changed my major and as I took more graphic design courses, I developed a deep appreciation for layout design, branding, and user experience/interface design. My design style is influenced by minimalism, illustrative design, and retro aesthetics, and I enjoy the research, concept development, and composition processes of design.

Prosperar Juntos

Prosperar Juntos empowers young Latinx to seek professional help and have open conversations with their families about mental health which helps break down the barriers of stigma and promote acceptance within the community.

Prosperar Juntos is a campaign to help combat the stigma of mental health conditions and services in the Latinx community. The campaign targets young adults as studies find they struggle more with mental health issues compared to their older family members, many of whom have dealt with migration trauma and discrimination. The Latinx culture values familism yet they fail to show support in the most vital time in their loved one's life. We aim to validate people’s feelings and give them the resources to find help. Resources include locating bilingual, Latinx/culturally trained professionals, and family therapists in their state. With professional help and education, young Latinx gain the confidence to have open conversations about mental health with family which can put an end to stigma. Prosperar Juntos translates to “Prospering Together”, together we can prosper in mental well-being.

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