Daniela Luna

Hi! I’m Daniela Luna from Bogota, Colombia, and now I’m living an exciting life in Las Vegas as a graphic designer. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved all kinds of art, from drawing to dancing. Once I finished high school, I discovered that graphic design was my true passion. It lets me be free and creative, especially when I work on branding projects. My design work is full of life and ranges from bright and bold to simple and clean. I draw inspiration from great artists like Yayoi Kusama and Jessica Walsh, and I enjoy mixing different art forms, whether it’s a sketch or a digital image, to connect with people’s emotions and change the way they see things. Soon enough, I will obtain my B.S. in graphic design degree, and my big goal is to start a design business with my brothers and sisters, blending our family bond with our shared love for art. I would also love to move to Rome, a beautiful city full of history and good food, and get a master's in interior design.

Smart Scroll

I aim to develop a comprehensive application designed to enable parents and young adults to manage and reduce their social media usage, thereby encouraging their kids to engage in diverse activities to enhance productivity.

My goal is to create a feature-rich app that allows parents to monitor and limit the amount of time their children dedicate to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, while also educating them on the importance of time management and the advantages of earning their screen time while trying different and new activities. Furthermore, this app is also beneficial for young adults who are looking to decrease their screen time and increase their productivity.

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