Christian Lara

If I ever talk to my younger self who chose Graphic Design to be his career, he would never understand the joy and struggle getting to where I am now. Learning so much in UNLV made me admire the creative lifestyle, for I grew to love everything I had done as a Graphic Design student. Like any student pursuing this career, portfolio review was one of my biggest struggles. It was the testament to my commitment to Graphic Design. It’s also the worst time to experience my first failure since COVID-19 had just begun. During my lowest point, I regained my confidence by trying out digital art with a tablet. It helped me cope through the negative thoughts as I learned some valuable aspects of art as a whole. It never occurred to me that coping my failures through art would heavily impact my success upon the next portfolio review. When I think about that cheerful moment, I cannot imagine what kind of life I would have if everything that transpired never happened. A one-in-a-million chance granted me this opportunity and the rest is history. After all of that, I am still grateful I chose Graphic Design as a career.


My goal is to offer non-gamers a brand that revitalizes their interest in video games by covering positive outlooks known to the gaming community.

As video games preserve their popularity by marketing their appeal to gamers, the question stands as to how video games manage to attract non-gamers. While there are some who instantly find the appeal of gaming, some may not fully know the best qualities known in the gaming community. Without an understanding of video game elements that impacts only gamers, then non-gamers may perceive those games in a different way. This garners a negative impact of video games where it can lead to known topics like video games invoking violence, aggressive behavior, and mental instability. Because of that, this brand serves as a stepping stone of revealing the positive, impactful outlooks of video games. To build a foundation of these aspects can drive forward an opportunity to even educate how video games are made with more appeal than the fun of playing them.

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