Chelsea Camille Ambrosio

Similar to many artists, I’ve always dreamed of working with Disney. As a kid, my favorite traditional mediums were colored pencils and oil paints for creating portraits. I’ve grown to be passionate about graphic design and digital illustration throughout the years. The balance of the two elements working together to create connection with people is something I add a lot of value to with intentionality in my pieces. As academics have always been a struggle for me, I’m grateful for the amazing professors and classmates who provided guidance throughout my college experience. They are a living example of what a community feels like, and gratitude does not come close to how that makes me feel. Designing takes an incredible amount of focus and discipline to create depth as we know it, and the end results demonstrate work ethic. But the true reward is the journey of connecting to the world and ourselves through design. I’m delighted to be a part of a diverse industry with my own individuality, always growing and creating connections with the world.


My goal is to create a safe space for young women to express their feelings and practice self affirmations, by creating a blend of a coloring book and journal.

The focal piece of “Calmlei” is a crafted book that consists both coloring and journaling pages. The inspiration behind the title connects back to my name, “Camille”, initially chosen as a starting point. However, I decided to get creative and rearrange the letters to see potential title outcomes. I drew back in my experience as a hula dancer, connecting a flower lei as a strong and vibrant representation of Hawaiian culture. From these inspirations, I created “Calmlei”  a core testament that encapsulates my passion for creating a positive well-being. 

The book features eight different women representing unique styles, accompanied by an affirmation. This reflects a calm and meditative atmosphere, encouraging young women to self-reflect. When the day becomes overwhelming, this book serves as an activity to create positive habits that realign themselves to the present moment. The coloring pages not only sparks creativity and inspiration, but infuses the joy we felt as a child from coloring books. The journaling pages offer prompts that are tailored to different areas that invite growth and abundance in our lives. As a reflection of my own transformation journey, I am proud to say that this book serves as a heartfelt letter to my younger self. Moreover, it provides a safe space for cultivating deeper connection for those fostering self-love throughout the journey of personal growth.

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