Anthony Samson

Originally I focused my studies within the medical field, but after doing projects like anatomical drawings and informative posters, I made the switch to graphic design. I found myself enjoying the process and development of using the elements of design to present information in unique ways. After switching my major, I pushed myself to create more and focused on using traditional art within my designs to elevate and create my own personal style. I draw inspiration from everyday aspects of life and use that inspiration to generate new ideas, as well as staying on top of daily trends that could be used for future reference. Graphic design is not just an outlet for my creativity, but a way for me to express myself and break through the molds created by my family.

Still In Progress

Fried uses different packaging to separate the different parts of the computer and labels them to create a step by step guide while building the computer. Making an extensive process more formal than using different resources online that tend to start at different places. Along with informing the consumers how and why the parts are important to the computer and the process within the manual and website to spread computer literacy. The goal is to have standardized packaging and instructions using color/visual aids that creates an experience for new computer builders while informing them throughout the process. Rather than teaching new computer builders how to build the computer itself. Fried also aims to ensure that if there are any software issues, consumers have accessible information to solve and fix them.

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