Anna Schweiger

Metamorphosis, in the context of my design journey can be best described as a transformation from immaturity to experience that I am very much still in the midst of. With any metamorphosis comes a period of growth and immaturity, and I have definitely experienced many growing pains as a designer. Countless times I have spent hours and days on a project with a result I am proud of, to return to it months later only to question my design decisions. But with more objective observation, I can see both the good and the bad, and what I could have done differently. I strive to take what I have learned from my past experiences and apply it to my future endeavors. As a result, I find that my journey in design is still very much an ongoing and ever-changing journey, with plenty of growth, and I would not have it any other way.

Flosswell: Children’s Pop-Up Book

My goal is to design a pop-up book that educates children about why they should care about their oral health, how to properly care for their teeth, and what will happen if they neglect their dental hygiene.

My capstone project combines illustration and interactivity with education in order to create a memorable experience for children to learn what they need to know to care for their teeth. My research focused on periodontal disease, and how it is an irreversible form of infection that damages the gums, resulting in bone and eventually tooth loss over a period of time. Despite being completely preventable, it is possibly the most common chronic infection in American adults. With the prevalence of periodontal disease as just one example, the importance of proper oral health cannot be overstated. The health of your mouth is reflective of the health of the rest of your body, and inflammation in the gums reflects internal inflammation across the rest of the body’s systems. Many physical ailments–including but not limited to heart disease, type II diabetes, and pneumonia–have been linked to poor oral health. Due to the incurable nature of periodontal disease, I chose to focus on prevention at the source by encouraging children to properly look after their dental hygiene in order to possibly prevent future cases of periodontal disease.

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