Ángel Arenas

When I was only two years old I fought the hardest battle of my life: leukemia. After years of hardship with many scars gained I persevered and survived. This new outlook on life ignited a passion in me to bring beauty and creativity into the world.

My journey as a graphic designer began straight out of High School,  pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at CSN. After completing that goal, I set my sights on UNLV, aiming for a Bachelor's in Graphic and Media Design. Despite setbacks, like failing my first portfolio review, I refused to falter. I poured myself into refining my craft, determined to succeed, and was able to pass my second review. Each lesson and project enriched my skills bringing me closer to realizing my dreams.

I am proud of my accomplishments, and grateful to all the people who never gave up on me throughout all of the hardships life has brought. I am excited to be graduating at the end of this year with a dual degree in Graphic and Media design and Photography.

Save Space

The "Save Space" campaign focuses on promoting spatial mindfulness and responsible driving practices to mitigate traffic congestion and enhance road safety.

“Save Space” is a project aimed at revolutionizing driver education to address the pressing issues of traffic congestion and road safety. By emphasizing the importance of maintaining safe distances between vehicles, my campaign seeks to mitigate accidents and help alleviate traffic jams. Through my public awareness campaign, “Save Space” I aim to cultivate a culture of spatial mindfulness and responsible driving practices. Because on the road every inch matters.

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