Andrea Vetro

My passion for graphic design began during high school when I took a class called Multimedia and Desktop Publishing. Although I didn't initially know the term "graphic design," I found joy in creating magazine covers, brochures, business cards, and album covers for my favorite artists. During the same year, I enrolled in a Photoshop course to understand the basics of the software. I had a blast experimenting with Photoshop during my free time, where I created funny memes and even edited my dog's face onto Mount Rushmore.

These classes never felt like chores. Instead, they were enjoyable experiences where I could express my creativity and design skills. I discovered my love for graphic design and realized that it encompassed everything I wanted to pursue. I've always had a keen eye for spotting intricate details in logos and spelling errors in menus, websites, and other mediums. Later on, when selecting a college, I looked for a local university offering graphic design courses, which led me to pursue graphic design at UNLV.


While subtitles may diminish the movie-watching experience, using an app to finely tune volume levels can greatly enhance overall enjoyment.

Subtitles play a vital role in my movie-watching experience. Not because of hearing impairments, but due to challenges such as mumbling, loud music, or poor audio quality. This is a widespread issue among movie enthusiasts like myself, and I needed to address it

Subtitles were originally used for accessibility purposes in the past, but they are now utilized as a tool to compensate for poor audio quality.To solve these ongoing problems, I decided to create an app to address them all.

Introducing Audify, a mobile app that modifies the audio settings of movies on streaming platforms. Powered by AI, this app features an audio breakdown of specific sound categories in which the user can adjust. Simply choose a movie from a popular streaming service. Next, use a slider bar to increase or decrease the volume of different sounds such as dialogue, music, and sound effects. Lastly, once your settings are refined to your likings, simply save your audio settings for that particular movie in case you want to watch it again. Audify can be used on the go or in the comfort of your own home by linking your account to the desired streaming service.

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