Ana Flaherty

Every artwork tells a story. My journey began with a pencil and paper, pouring my soul into creations as a fine artist. As digital art rose, I felt a new calling. Intrigued by art and technology, I ventured into graphic design, a fun but daunting transition requiring me to adapt my skills to a new medium.

Growing up in Iowa I was intrigued by art and moving to the city to pursue my art dreams. By the age of 12, I planned to attend the Art Institute of Nevada. While taking their college prep classes, I quickly learned my dream school was an expensive scam and ran. The school was forced to close three years later.

Devastated, I faced the struggle of switching universities, navigating new environments and finding my place in a different creative community. Despite the hurdles, I preserved, finding passion in graphic design. I embraced the challenge, blending artistic sensibilities with digital precision. My journey was not just a career change, but a transformation, proving that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

Lore Bookbox

Monthly book boxes should feature exclusive merchandise designed around the featured book, avoiding waste and ensuring a unique experience.

Many readers hesitate to purchase monthly book box subscriptions due to the availability of buying the items separately for cheaper. Some boxes are perceived as wasteful, containing numerous papers or items that won’t be used. A book box should offer a special and exclusive experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Lore Bookbox, was designed as a limited-waste, unique book box set. Instead of standard packaging, like a box which would get tossed out. I created a slipcase with interactive 3-D features for a fun experience.

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