Alexandro Trejo

Hello! My name is Alexandro Trejo. I’m a graphic designer interested in UI/UX and branding. I began my design journey in middle school when I started incorporating graphics and music into videos. I studied graphic design at Advanced Technologies Academy, where I learned about Adobe software and the technical concepts of design. Throughout my college years, I gained skills in 3D modeling, digital illustration, motion graphics, and print design. My passion for art and technology led me to explore various mediums, from wood and metal sculpture to studio photography, always seeking to push the boundaries of my creativity.

As graduation approaches, I look forward to a fulfilling career where I can continue to merge my artistic interests with my technical expertise. I am excited about the prospect of making a meaningful impact in the world of design, creating visually compelling solutions that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Trek App

By making a new app, crafting a detailed system map, and creating posters and billboards, i hope to significantly improve the ease of use, efficiency, and attractiveness of public transportation options for residents and visitors.

Public transportation is a crucial element in fostering sustainable and efficient urban mobility. The United States faces challenges in providing comprehensive and accessible public transportation. The existing RTC app has dismal reviews from locals and tourists alike, so by developing a new app, I hope to help fix the problem that exists here in Las Vegas.

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